Kindness Behind the Mask

Apr. 16, 2020
Jing Xu works as a front desk supervisor at Hypermarket 1006. Back in February, the store received a phone call from a woman pleading for help. The woman said the COVID-19 outbreak was limiting her ability to make it home to be with her grandfather. After speaking with the woman, associates learned her grandfather happened to be in the store shopping at that very moment. Jing noticed he was wearing a self-made cotton mask, attempting to follow the health guidelines.
“He was lining up for checkout. That cotton mask he wore was probably made by a quilt, and he did this only because he didn't want others to feel worried around him for not wearing any protection,” said Jing.
Jing felt compelled to offer help. She remembered that the man’s granddaughter would likely not be able to visit him any time soon. She quickly handed the man four new masks to keep for himself.
"I just followed my heart. It was such a spontaneous thing.”
- Jing Xu
The woman learned about Jing’s kind gesture over the phone and wanted to speak with Jing to personally thank her.
“I didn't realize such a small gesture could make her so emotional. When I heard her talking about how the outbreak impacted her family and how she appreciated me giving masks to her grandpa, I felt thankful,” Jing said.
Jing hopes this small act of kindness becomes more common especially during times like these.
“We can still light a spark through ordinary things and warm people’s lives. When you treat people with kindness, you will get the same in return,” Jing said.
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