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It’s the question on every motivated associate’s mind: What does it take to follow Sam Walton’s lead and truly be a Retail Maverick?

The latest issue of Walmart World magazine has the answers you’re looking for—and much more. With remarkable stories and career advice from industry experts and leading associates in Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets, distribution centers, and the Home Office—even Walmart Canada—this issue seeks to provide you with the tips and information you need to truly achieve the Retail Maverick mindset.


Not only that, but this issue features exclusive new leadership messaging from Doug McMillon, Greg Foran, and the four divisional senior vice presidents of Supercenter Operations (featured on the cover). Plus, we talk with Jetblack co-founder Jenny Fleiss about her groundbreaking work in innovating e-commerce. You’ll find all that and more in the latest issue—bursting with social media tips, information on new associate benefits, a look back at the beginnings of the Retail Maverick mindset, and gorgeous photography and illustrations.


So be a #RetailMaverick! If you’re ready to find out how, check your breakroom for the Fall issue of Walmart World magazine or ask your manager.


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