We've Got Your Back

Apr. 10, 2020


The COVID-19 outbreak has prompted unprecedented changes in our country, our communities and our stores. For one associate in northern Louisiana, these trying times offer inspiration.


"This last week or so has been a learning experience and a challenge,” said Jeremy DeBose, a people lead at Store 976 in Winnsboro, Louisiana. 


Jeremy recently noticed how the new changes are bringing out the good in his team. His teammates are working with a little more pep in their step. They’re smiling. They’re having fun. They’re eager to help. "We've been able to learn our store has a really good heart. We come together now in times of crisis,” Jeremy said.

"If you're scared, if you're worried, if you're anything — just let us know. We've got your back."


— Jeremy DeBose, People Lead

Jeremy has been with Walmart for six years, previously working in an assistant manager position. His prior training has set him up for success during moments like the ones he and his team are facing now. He credits positive management styles and successful mentors that he worked under with giving him ideal leadership foundations.


Jeremy has watched COVID-19 cases creep up in surrounding areas over the last few days, prompting busier times in the store and new tasks for his team. "I've been able to come into this situation and work to keep a pretty good mindset and a positive frame of mind," he said. "Keeping things high-spirited, so people can get through these times right now."


Being a people lead is something Jeremy takes very seriously, which can be a critical role during a national pandemic. He readily makes himself available to his teammates at peak times during his shift. As safety remains a high priority, Jeremy wants associates and customers to know that help is here.

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