Four Personal Branding Tips to Boost Your Career

Branding and social media expert Cynthia Johnson shares the benefits of establishing your personal brand.

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Author and personal branding expert Cynthia Johnson answered associate questions during an interview with Walmart Radio DJs Bo and Antonio on Walmart Radio. See what she has to say about creating content and personal branding.  


On creating relevant content: “If you’re asked a question throughout the day, and it happens more than once, write that question down, and then go home and answer that question, whether it’s in a video or a short post or an article that you put on LinkedIn. Because if you’re getting asked a specific thing more than once a day, it means that people want to know. That’s how you find your content—you listen and give the audience what they want.”


How to find time to maintain your personal brand: “Everyone has a busy schedule. What I do is, I figure out what I’m able to do. I am okay with making mistakes and being completely honest with my followers. If I say I’m going to post content and it doesn’t happen, I tell them why. It’s okay to be authentic in your timing and frequency.”


How personal branding can help a Walmart associate: “You can let your managers or people at Walmart, and even other companies and co-workers, know things about you that you wouldn’t easily say face-to-face. That means when new opportunities come up, you are now someone they think of, because you can talk about things online knowing they’ll see it in a way that you cannot do in the work environment because you’re there to work. You’re not there to promote yourself or pitch yourself all day.” 


On the difference between personal branding and bragging: “Personal branding is creating an environment and a space to allow other people to talk about you. It’s all about the work you’ve done and the things you’ve accomplished, and how it’s perceived and discussed when you’re not around or even online. Bragging is when you say you’re really good at something, when you’re either obviously not or have never done it. It happens more often face-to-face or in content. You’ll notice when you’re doing it online, because very few people will engage with it. Look at the intent with everything you’re putting out there.” 


More about Cynthia: She is the co-founder and CEO of Bell + Ivy and the author of Platform: The Art and Science of Personal Branding.


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