Drive Sales with Displays that Tell a Story
August 7th

Store Manager Rich M. shares his tips for building a summer display in your store.

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In the video below, Store Manager Rich M. shares his three steps for building a summer display that drives sales at his Orlando, Fla., store:

When brainstorming ideas for displays, Rich tries to approach it as an opportunity to tell a story:


“Telling a story is what you want the merchandise to do for the customer when they shop.”


For one summer scenario, he set all of the swimming pools at the front entrance, then expanded the display by adding items that might be used with the pools—grills, charcoal, pool rafts, floaties, water toys, and canopies. 


“So at the very end of the set, everything is in one place for the customer and tells them the story that summer is here, and we have what you need to make it great!”


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