Drop everything and get ready to move: The Deal Drop Dance Challenge is on! If you’re up for showing your dance moves and want a chance to win special edition pins for your store, here’s how you can take part.

Here's How to Start

Listen to or download “Water Me” by Lizzo, the official song of the challenge.
Got the beat? OK. You’re ready for the next step.
Watch this tutorial of the challenge’s official choreography. Study the moves. Learn them. You’ll want to know them like the back of your hand.
Record yourself performing the dance to “Water Me.” Grab some of your fellow associates to be your crew, if you want. Get creative with your video: Maybe include an eye-catching product you want your customers to get excited about.
Have your store’s leadership or Social Champion post your dance video to your store’s social media. Be sure that the post is tagged with #DealDropDance and encourages likes and shares.
You Can Win a Collectable Pin!
Stores that post our favorite videos will receive special, limited-edition Deal Drop Dance Challenge pins and, of course, social media glory. Posts must be made between Nov. 14 and Nov. 24 to be eligible.
So get your crew, learn the moves, and get ’em sweating in the middle of winter. Let’s dance!

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