Happy Tears Rained on His Birthday Parade

Celebrating another trip around the sun can be somewhat dim while quarantining, but 92-year old Delmar in Boonville, Indiana found a bright spot. It happened as several of his fellow associates drove by his home honking their horns, waving signs and shouting “Happy birthday!” as Delmar enthusiastically waved back. Family members captured the heartwarming surprise on camera as Delmar’s eyes watered up.


“I couldn’t hold back the tears for the wonderful people that I work with,” Delmar said.


Delmar not only just celebrated his 92nd birthday but also his 30th anniversary with Walmart. He works as a maintenance associate at Store 566 in Boonville, Indiana.

“I love people, and I enjoy my job very much.”

— Delmar, Maintenance Associate

Delmar has voluntarily quarantined himself at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but he’s eager to get back to work. Prior to joining Walmart, Delmar spent several years at a construction company and before that he spent three years in the Navy.


Twenty years ago, at the age of 72, Delmar was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. The cancer required chemotherapy, which didn’t slow him down a bit. He continued to work while receiving the treatments. As it turns out, the disease didn’t stand a chance.


“I just keep right on chugging,” Delmar said. “I beat it.”


For now, Delmar patiently waits to return to his store, a place where he can see his co-workers whom he affectionately calls his favorite people, again. But, standing on his porch watching a parade of associates wish him well, makes the waiting game a little more difficult.


“It makes me feel like I’m wanted at the store,” Delmar said.

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