Associate Finds Opportunity By Switching Gears in Her Career

Brandi L.’s original plan was to become a small-engine mechanic.

But after her daughter was born, she took on a part-time job at Walmart—at store 1466 in Jacksboro, Tenn.—as an electronics associate. That set her on a new road-one that was bumpy at first.

“I don’t surgarcoat a lot,” says Brandi. “I lean much more toward the adrenaline things.” Eventually, she found her way to her current role as an asset protection assistant store manager. It’s allowed her to build a career with Walmart that she never expected.

Brandi says a store the size of hers often has a shrink score of more than 1&. But she’s helped that number drop. “By no means do I take credit for the reduction. It’s a team effort,” she says. “Our associates are the real MVPs.”

The benefit of those reduced numbers can be felt in the store’s MyShare bonus. “This store has roughly 300 associates,” Brandi says. “How I do my job directly affects them.”

Finding a New Lane

Although Brandi did her best in electronics, her heart wasn’t in it. She was ready to move on, but her manager, Michael Osborne, saw promise and convinced her to stay with Walmart. She tried a few different areas before landing in asset protection.

“As a floor walker in asset protection, one of your functions is to help prevent shrink,” says Brandi. “At first, I was terrified, but after I made my first stop, the fire was lit!” Today, her duties include more asset protection training, as well as assistant manager duties, which are now a part of the asset protection assistant store manager (APASM) role. “You have the day-in, day-out customer service, and then you get that 45 minutes where you get to manage potential shrink situations as they arise,” she says. “I love it.”


“Asset protection is like riding a motorcycle. It takes determination,
patience, and, most of all, situational awareness.”  - Brandi L.


Adding it All Up

Each of Brandi’s previous roles helps her in what she does today. Her work in electronics sales opened her eyes to retail theft.

In the cash office, she counted money. As an assistant manager, she loved the statistics-dealing with reports, schedules, and shortages. And of course, her time as a “Floor walker” showed her a Walmart path that finally got her revved up.

Now, her APASM role brings all those years of experience together. “I finally get to do all the parts of the business that I always loved,” she says. “I feel like I’ve got the best of both worlds.”

Best of all, her personality works in her favor. “A lot of times, being blunt doesn’t go hand in hand with customer service,” she says. “But in my asset protection mode it goes great.”

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