An Extra Special Father’s Day

Robert G. is an associate at Store #1077 in Tallahassee, Florida. He and his wife didn’t think they could have children of their own, so they started looking into adoption in 2006.


After a surprise baby girl in 2011, they still wanted to grow their family of three to a family of four.


In January 2018, Walmart announced a new adoption benefit. For associates who expand their family through adoption, the company will help cover eligible adoption costs up to $5,000 per child.


“We finally travelled to China in June 2018 to get our child. The $5,000 I got from Walmart literally paid for me and my wife to fly to China. It was extremely helpful,” said Robert.

“My daughter, Caitlyn, is a ham. She makes me a much more patient person.”

She's also a big fan of Daniel Tiger and loves taking pictures.


“She always wants to have her picture taken. She's just not shy at all and really loves posing for the camera,” said Robert.


And this year will be the first he gets to celebrate Father’s Day as dad to two daughters.


“It means an awful lot. I absolutely love my kiddos.”

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