5 Tips to Elevate Any Walmart Associate Challenge on Social Media

Create posts and videos in My Local Social, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Erica L., front end assistant manager and Social Champ with Store 742 in Kingsport, Tenn., shares these tips for promoting any associate challenge on social media:

  • Create and post videos: We post videos with any relevant statistics or facts and express what we hope to achieve with the challenge. We also interview associates and customers for their input on it.
  • Use hashtags: We use hashtags to go with a campaign, such as #sparkkindness or #WalmartAssociateChallenge.
  • Promote it early: We post a schedule for the event or challenge early on to allow customers and associates to mark their calendars.
  • Be consistent: I post on social media every single day for work, whether I am there or not. It is a passion of mine and I enjoy it. I also post eight to 10 times a day per platform—My Local Social, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Workplace pages. I even capture content outside of the store, such as interviewing and creative photoshoots to use for work and to promote community events.
  • Look for inspiration: Talk to associates, look at other stores, do internet research, and look at the My Local Social suggestion box. I also love brainstorming and using my own creative process for posts.

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