3,000th OGP Grand Opening!
Store 1279 in Houston, Texas
It was a packed house at Store 1279 in Houston, Texas, this week for the grand opening celebration of the 3000th OGP! James Bond, Co-Manager, said associates love the new service they can provide their customers, and customers love how much time they’re saving.
“We had everyone here from the Chamber of Commerce to the high school ROTC. We had pastors from our local church here, our regional team here and all of the Market Managers in the region to welcome in the 3000th Online Grocery Pickup Grand Opening!”
According to Bond, expanding OGP is all about getting customers to try it.
“We’ve been busy with OGP, but it’s all about making sure our customers download the app and use it. The customers who’ve tried it have loved it so far, so we’ll continue to grow that business.”
Bond shared some advice on the best way to get customers to make a change and download the app.
“Tell them about your experience. Tell them what it did for you. When I talk about what it’s done for me and the time I save and being able to get exactly what I want to get, they relate more to that.”
As for the big celebration, Bond said it was one his team won’t soon forget.
“Associates had a fantastic time! The store looked fantastic! We work for the best company in the world, a company that’s part of the community always, a company that takes care of its associates and I’m just happy to be a proud Walmart associate because I love what we do and I hope we continue to grow and get better.”
Click here to see the #WalmartRapBattle associates perform their original OGP rap at the grand opening! 

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