August 26, 2021

By Lisa Woods, Vice President, Emotional and Physical Well-Being


Many of us had hoped this summer would bring resolution to the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic. Yet, as we begin another school year and turn the corner to the back half of the year, we are reminded daily of the continuing impact of COVID-19. Infection rates are rising, isolation is growing, and our stress is compounding. As we strive to serve the needs of our families, our business and our communities, we must remember to take care of ourselves also.


Here are seven easy ways that Walmart associates can prioritize self-care right now. I challenge you to use them. Share them with your peers and team members and encourage them to put their well-being first as well. Then share a pic or post with the rest of us at #WellbeingatWalmart and let us know the many ways you’re making well-being a priority right now.

7 Ways to Prioritize Your


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How are you focusing on your well-being?

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