These are unprecedented times and we are all experiencing challenges unlike any other era in history.


Unfortunately, there are people experiencing the sting of discrimination because of bias and hate related to their ethnicity.


Xenophobia-related incidents targeting Asian Americans have increased at an alarming rate along with the spread of the virus, and the trend is concerning. Individuals and families are experiencing harassment, assault, vandalism and property damage across the country.


We are all in this together and as we take the necessary steps to stop the spread of the virus we must also be intentional in taking care of each other and ourselves.


One way you can show support is by joining the #WashTheHate campaign. This social media initiative is designed to give individuals the opportunity to share 20-second messages of solidarity and compassion in the time it takes to properly wash your hands.

Click the post below to watch Ben Hasan's video on #WashTheHate
Image of The Scoop on Workplace post of Ben Hasan's Wash the Hate video

Even Doug McMillon is supporting the #WashTheHate campaign. You can join in too.