By now, we hope you’ve heard the news: We’ve introduced a new application, called Me@Walmart, designed with Walmart U.S. store associates in mind. And along with it, we’re giving a large number of store associates a brand-new Samsung smartphone to help them work smarter. Read all the news here.


The Me@Walmart App is intended to make work simpler, by putting all of our most useful associate tools in one easy-to-access place. The new phones are simply an extension of that goal: sleek, fast devices that will help you at work, and at home. We’re adding tools for scheduling, communicating easily with other associates and even clocking in right from your phone!


Here are a few features the Me@Walmart app offers: 

  • Scheduling: The app lets associates easily view their shifts up to two weeks in advance, check on their upcoming paid time off, and request changes to their schedule, if needed.
  • Mobile Clock In: Using geofencing technology, associates can clock in with a tap of a button once they arrive at their store. This gives them another convenient alternative to using the time clock. 
  • Push-to-Talk: Constant communication is essential for our business. Walkie talkies were one solution, but not every associate has one. Push to talk enables associates to instantly connect with one another, helping them work as a team to stay nimble and react to customers’ needs. 
  • Ask Sam: A voice-activated personal assistant for work, Ask Sam saves time by letting associates ask the app questions to quickly locate merchandise and get answers for customers. Associates can even look up the metrics that drive their business. This feature was previously available to some associates as a separate app, but is now available to all through Me@Walmart —another example of how we’re simplifying work.


As with all new products, you may have questions.


Well, we have answers. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the phones. And you can check out the BYOD page for more info.


You can also reach out to your store managers for more information, and keep an eye on OneWalmart for future updates!