Enjoy 25% Off Your Next Rental or Purchase

The only thing better than the perfect movie or TV show is enjoying it for less.


Vudu is offering all associates 25% off any one rental or purchase, so you can enjoy an epic movie night or TV marathon without breaking the bank.


  • Already have your associate account? You’re all set and will receive your rental code and redemption steps via email on or after 2/27/20.
  • Don't have a Vudu associate account yet? Head over to www.vudu.com/associates. and activate it! Enter your WIN and Discount Card Number, and fill in some basic info to create your account. Sign-up for your associate account by 2/26/20 to qualify for the offer and receive your rental code on or after 2/27/20.
  • If you are a Sam’s Club associate without a discount card, new associate who haven’t received your discount card, or have any questions contact us.

Want to use your discount for a fun-filled, showstopping family movie night? Check out our Frozen II family movie night blog for details on the challenges faced by the film’s heroes, and to learn about how our Family Play feature can help you skip over content you don’t want your family seeing.


Also, purchase Frozen II on DVD at Walmart stores starting February 25th for an exclusive content you can redeem, only on Vudu!


Enjoy your 25% off any rental or purchase, look out for more awesome offers in the future, and don’t forget that all Walmart associates get 10% off on all Vudu rentals and purchases!