Data to the Next Level
Working to Use, Manage and Create Value from Data

What do you think about when you hear the word “data”?


You might imagine a spreadsheet with endless number sequences representing SKUs and sales figures, but data is also the information we all interact with on a daily basis. When we go to a doctor’s office and fill out the paperwork, those answers are data. When we complete a job application – data. And that data tells a story.


At Walmart, we are working to take our use of data to the next level. That means improving our knowledge of data, as well as how we manage and create value from it.


We know it is crucial to keep our data secure in order to maintain customers’ trust, help us serve customers and make smart business decisions. That’s why over the past several months, Walmart’s Global Tech Data team has created enterprise data policies, standards and processes in alignment with Global Governance’s Digital Citizenship team.


Adherence to these standards will help keep our data more secure, which is part of how we do right by our customers, our associates and our business.


We’re not just playing defense. “Our goal is not only to reduce risk, but also to enhance business value,” said Tanuj Pandey, Data Security Leader for Walmart. “Understanding how to interpret data can be useful to any associate both in their personal life and their professional life.”

To grow Walmart's Data Maturity, we are focused on three main priorities:




Empower associates with data literacy



Establish clear methods, technologies and behaviors through Data Asset Development





Amplify efficiency and enrich insights through augmented analytics


Simply put, associates, no matter their role, can benefit from a better understanding of how to manage data. To support this goal, the teams have developed a few resources.


Please read the Global Data Governance Policy, claim your LinkedIn Learning account and educate yourself on our Global Data Requirements and Standards online support material, which is a self-paced learning path covering 12 subjects in short segments to fit into your schedule. To activate your LinkedIn Learning account, you must be on a computer, not a mobile device. Your account is provided by Walmart. You will be prompted to enter your Walmart credentials and then log into your LinkedIn account to activate single sign-on.


All corporate Home Office associates, including regional and divisional field management, must be compliant with the new policy by the end of FY21.


So, you know that a better understanding of data can help you become better at your job. You have the resources to develop that understanding. With that in mind, what’s stopping you from taking your use of data to the next level?