Exclusive Offer: Free Quibi

Up to four months free. No cords attached.

We’ve worked with Quibi to give all Walmart associates an exclusive offer: Up to four months for free.


Sign up now and get Quibi for free through September 1. And they won’t charge you on September 2, so there really are no strings (or cords) attached.


What’s Quibi?

Glad you asked.


Quibi is a new entertainment platform designed for your smartphone. The shows are quick bites. (quick bites = Quibi…get it?) Episodes are short, so you can watch whenever you have a few minutes to spare.


And the shows on Quibi are designed for your phone, so you can watch vertically, horizontally, however-you-want-ally. Plus, the video is movie-quality good, and they feature the biggest stars.


Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself. There’s nothing to lose. It’s free until September 1, 2020 when you sign up now. Create an account with your personal email using the password Walmart&Quibi. Then, download the app on your smartphone, sign in, and you’re ready to watch.