Organizational Update – Marc Lore
Jan. 15, 2021

To: Walmart U.S.-based Associates

From: Doug McMillon, President and CEO – Walmart

Date: January 15, 2021


It was nearly five years ago that Marc Lore and I got together in the Quail room to talk about a possible partnership between Walmart and As we started whiteboarding the future of retail, we found that we believed a lot of the same things, and we realized there was an opportunity to work together in a much bigger way than a partnership. Walmart went on to buy Jet, and Marc became the leader of our entire U.S. eCommerce business. 


Marc committed to a minimum of five years with us, which I know felt like a long time for an entrepreneur like him, and that time has flown by. We knew we needed time to build and scale the eCommerce business before combining our teams, and because of the progress we’ve all made, and the mindset we’ve all developed these past few years, we were able to successfully merge our teams last year. It has always been clear the customer wants one, seamless brand experience, and our ultimate approach would be an omni approach. With our structural changes behind us, we have concluded it’s time for Marc to transition out of his everyday role at Walmart and finish out the final months of his five-year commitment as a strategic advisor to the company. So, as of Feb. 1, he will be a strategic advisor rather than an associate.  


Since the Jet acquisition, we’ve seen our eCommerce growth accelerate – including rapid growth in our online grocery business. Marc’s leadership helped ensure we were positioned to respond to the demand driven by the pandemic this year. All of this progress is the result of good work from a lot of people, of course, but Marc’s expertise and aggressiveness have been game-changing. We have learned a lot from him. I have personally learned a lot from him.  


Marc led the redesign of and has partnered with John Furner on our app design improvements. He made the choice to shift all of our resources to rather than the original plan for two brands because he became convinced of the potential of the Walmart brand. During his tenure, we’ve expanded our online assortment from around 10 million items to more than 80 million items, adding thousands of new brands. We’ve expanded and transformed our eCommerce fulfillment network. Just four years ago we didn’t even offer free two-day delivery. Today, we have same-day delivery on thousands of items, next-day delivery on hundreds of thousands of items and two-day delivery on millions of items. 


As always, what has made this possible is our people. Marc helped bring in some fantastic talent who have shaped how we think and how we operate. Marc and John have partnered to create the omni leadership teams we have now, which enables this shift in Marc’s role with no additional changes to our structure. Everyone will report to John going forward. John and the team have the right mindset and experience to architect the future of our omnichannel business to delight customers. 


Marc has also been a great advocate for associates and diversity, including his sponsorship of the Pride Associate Resource Group. He would always make the time to talk to an associate who reached out.


While Marc will leave his current position, he will continue to play an important role as an advisor and partner to Walmart. I want to thank him for his passion for associates and customers, and for helping in our transformation. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come, and even more exciting to think of where we’re going.


(NOTE: You can read an article Marc wrote about his experiences at Walmart here.)


With gratitude,