To: Walmart U.S.-based Associates

From: Doug McMillon, President and CEO – Walmart

Date: October 26, 2020


The election is coming up, and we want to encourage you to vote. We’ve done a couple things to help make that easier.


One, we created a voter tool. You can use it to check if you’re registered to vote, get registered if you’re not (in those states where you are still able), find out about early voting and see where your polling location is. The tool is available at Walmart Voter Tool.


Analysts are anticipating high voter turn-out and with the necessary extra health precautions in place, it may take longer than usual to cast your ballot. You should look at your schedule and the early voting opportunities in your state now and plan ahead. We’re also providing up to three hours of paid time off to go vote, if you don’t have enough time to go outside of working hours on election day. Visit OneWalmart (you must be on VPN to access link) for more detail, and make sure you notify your supervisor at least one day prior to election day if you plan to vote on election day.


Once you’ve voted, there are a couple important things we want you to remember.


First, the election might not be decided on Nov. 3. It could be days or weeks before all the votes are counted. We have experienced that situation before, with the election in 2000. Like then, we will just have to be patient. Also, as with any election, some people will be more pleased with the outcome than others. Given the level of emotion related to this election, it’s important that we are especially respectful of others. I believe we all have a lot more in common than we often realize. Let’s focus on the things we share. Give a little more grace; extend a little more kindness. Because once the election is decided, we will need to get up the next day and go forward together to strengthen our country.


Thank you for all you’re doing this year to support so many and thank you for investing the time to make sure your voice is heard.