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A Message from John Furner

To: All U.S.-based associates

From: John Furner, President and Chief Executive Officer — Walmart U.S.

Date: June 2, 2020


What happened to George Floyd was not right – and one week later, our country needs to heal. There is anguish, trauma and heartache in America right now, and the situation has affected all of us at Walmart – on a personal level, in our communities, and at work in the form of damage to our stores and operations. We need to stand up against racism and discrimination and expand access to opportunity for everyone.


As the situation has escalated, we have looked to our core principles, just as we have throughout the COVID pandemic. Those core principles have led us to make decisions like closing stores early, reiterating the importance of safety, changing driver routes, and leaving some locations closed into this week. They’ve also led us to further examine some of the pressing issues that exist in America, particularly the challenges that people of color face every day.


Know that we are very proud of your performance during this time and who you are. You – our store and DC associates, truck drivers, and other associates – have gone above and beyond to help serve your stores, customers, and each other. And you have also been telling us what’s on your mind and giving us input as to how we can be an even more inclusive company.


We care about your safety. In some cases we have directed you to close your stores or adjust your hours and practices. Please let us know if you need help beyond what you are already receiving. Store leaders are welcome and encouraged to make decisions about what is best for their teams and facilities, using our core beliefs as a guide.


In facilities that have had to close, associates will be compensated for any scheduled hours. Associate resources are also available at One.Walmart.com/Benefits, including Resources for Living. We’re also encouraging you to have conversations with your teams, and show them you care about how they’re feeling. Conversations are important, and they help show what Walmart stands for.


Please know that we take the underlying situation very seriously and want to play our part standing against injustice and helping unite communities. Many of us have been with this company for many years, and know that a Walmart store is a place representative of its community, where every individual can feel welcome and know they will be treated with respect as they work or shop. Going forward, it will be more important than ever that we continue to serve the country and be a positive example.


Most importantly of all, thank you. You are making a difference and it’s much appreciated.

Watch the video below to hear from John Furner, Julie Murphy and Dacona Smith.