Hey there, Walmart associates!


ecoATM is celebrating EARTH MONTH! It’s a time to appreciate our planet and come together as a community to work towards a greener tomorrow – all while having fun, of course.


To celebrate, ecoATM is offering a special bonus to help you get paid for protecting the planet! Through April 30, you can earn 12% extra cash* when you sell a device at an ecoATM kiosk! Enter promo code WALMART1 at the kiosk to claim your special Walmart associate bonus.


In support of Earth Month, ecoATM will also pay for every eligible device (cell phones, MP3 players, or tablets) brought in to meet the goal of being planet Earth’s largest protector from mobile device e-waste. That means cash for every device brought in, even those without monetary value**!


ecoATM is a simple and safe way to earn instant payment for your used devices. Your used devices could be worth your next trip to the grocery store, a tank of gas, a night out with the family and so much more!


You can claim the Earth Month bonus by entering promo code WALMART at your store’s kiosk.


While we celebrate our planet, let's look back at how far we’ve come: Thanks to the help of both Walmart associates and customers, ecoATM has collected over 15 million devices since the beginning of our partnership and paid out over $357 Million globally to date! Thank you, associates, for helping to not only make instant cash a safe and easy option for those with used devices, but for also playing a major part in limiting electronic waste in our environment.

Over 15 million devices collected through Walmart's partnership with ecoATM.

From the folks at ecoATM:


We couldn’t have gotten to where we are without YOUR help. You’ve helped us hit another truly incredible milestone while not only helping others to earn immediate payment, but by also helping to make a greener tomorrow for everyone by reducing e-waste.


We’d like to once again thank all of you for helping ecoATM to grow – we couldn’t have done it without you. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family as you can all earn rewards for fighting e-waste with our Refer-A-Friend program, where you each earn $5 when they use your referral link!


Remember to round up your used devices and bring them in to your store’s ecoATM kiosk to earn instant cash today!



*Offer valid between April 2, 2021 – April 30, 2021 on every device valued at $5 or more.


**Between April 2, 2021 – April 30, 2021 ecoATM will be paying at least $1 for every cell phone, tablet or MP3 player. Terms and Conditions Apply