Behind a desk inside Distribution Center 6066 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Anna Krajewski is creative, strategic and kind. Behind the cage, she’s not as nice.


“My first fight was such an adrenaline dump, I don’t even remember it,” Anna Krajewski said with a big laugh.


Anna is a 19-year Walmart associate. She began as an hourly associate in Pennsylvania and is currently serving as the general manager at DC 6066. She’s also an amateur MMA fighter with two fights under her belt and a third fight scheduled for June 2021.

Curtis Smith, stocking coach
Curtis Smith, stocking coach

“I’ve always been competitive,” Anna said. “Training every day makes me better.”


Anna grew up in Poland. Most of her family still lives there. She hasn’t been able to visit them in more than three years, a frustrating separation that was further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Anna planned a trip to see them in 2020, but the virus ruined those plans.


Missing time with her family is part of what inspires Anna to deliver her own version of a roundhouse kick to the virus: a shot in the arm. She admits having to overcome a fear of needles to get the COVID-19 vaccine, which her colleagues jokingly didn’t quite understand.


“They were making fun of me because I cage fight, so they were like, ‘How can you cage fight and be scared of a needle?’” Anna recalled, smiling from ear to ear.

Curtis Smith's Walmart badge

It’s those same colleagues who serve as the other part of Anna’s inspiration to get vaccinated. She recognizes her position as a leader and wants nothing more than to set the right example during these important times. Her decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine didn’t come lightly, but once it did – the fight against the virus was on.


“It’s the right thing to do,” Anna said. “I had one associate who said he is going to get it just because he wants to take his son to Puerto Rico where his family lives.”


Anna says she loves a challenge. That’s what motivates her at work and in the cage. Right now, the challenge is defeating the virus. Getting vaccinated was her taking one step closer toward a total knockout.