Dan Bartlett Appears on Power Lunch and The Daily Briefing to Report on Walmart Hiring

A few weeks ago, Walmart announced plans to hire 150,000 new associates across the supply chain. It was welcome news to many Americans who have been affected by furloughs and layoffs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, Dan Bartlett, executive vice president of corporate affairs, appeared on two national news shows to report on the company’s progress toward the hiring goal.


On April 9, Dan visited CNBC’s Power Lunch, where he told Courtney Reagan Walmart has already hired 100,000 new associates. Reagan, the network’s retail reporter, began by asking where these associates had come from. “Were they laid off from other retail jobs?”


Dan explained the company’s new associates had come from various backgrounds. “The work force is coming from frankly all different demographics. You're seeing younger people, a lot of people maybe in college, who have more time on their hands to work. We're seeing it from a gender standpoint, female, male, across the country. The hiring clip is robust.”


According to Dan, Walmart is progressing well toward its goal of hiring 150,000 workers. “We eclipsed 100,000 in the last three weeks. We'll easily hit the 50,000.”

Watch Dan on The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino.
Watch Dan on Power Lunch.

That same day, Dan appeared on the Fox News program The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino to speak to the hiring goals and share how the company is working to take care of associates and customers, in an effort to help keep them healthy during these challenging times.


“The particular concern is not only the health and safety of our workers but also our customers,” Dan told Perino. “We've deployed masks and gloves to every single store and distribution center, taking every step that public health experts [have recommended] - and sometimes in advance - to help them.”


From having masks, gloves and thermometers delivered to facilities, to instituting screenings and temperature checks for associates reporting to work, Walmart is continuing to reevaluate how to help keep associates healthy while providing a critical service for customers.