33 Years Supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Two Walmart Families, Two Miracle Journeys

This month marks Walmart’s 33rd year supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Associates will be asking customers at the registers if they would like to donate. As we head into the CMN Hospitals campaign, two Walmart and Sam’s Club families wanted to share the difference CMN Hospitals made in their lives.

Piper’s Story

It was 2018, and Piper Binam had been in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) for weeks.


The then two-year-old had been diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a condition that affects the blood and blood vessels. Her mother, Melissa, stayed with Piper at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, while her father, J.R., split his time between the hospital and the family home in Northwest Arkansas, where he works at Sam’s Club.


In addition to Piper, Melissa and J.R. are parents to three other young children.

At Children’s, Piper underwent surgery to have part of her bowel removed. She gradually healed and moved to step down rooms, participated in speech therapy and physical therapy.


“The staff at Children’s do an excellent job taking care of the children, but also they also do an excellent job at taking care of the parents,” said J.R.

Melissa has a vivid memory of a nurse explaining things and reassuring her while Piper was undergoing a procedure. For anxious, emotionally exhausted parents, this kind of support is invaluable.

Thankfully, Piper made a full recovery and is back to playing with her siblings.

Gwen’s Story

Zack and Teresa Lones were worried. Their young daughter Gwen had been complaining of earaches. Their provider told them that Gwen was suffering from mastoiditis – an inflammation or infection of the mastoid bone. If left untreated, mastoiditis could result in hearing loss or meningitis. 


The family raced to nearby Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Springdale, Arkansas, but after evaluating Gwen, the team there decided she needed to be flown to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. Gwen would spend the next 29 days in the hospital.

“The staff there was like an extension of the family,” said Zack, a Walmart associate. “They took the time to explain things to Gwen so that she would understand what was happening.”


While Gwen was staying at Children’s, Zack noticed a lot of seemingly small details that set the facility apart and made it a special place for children – things like visits from princesses. He described the play area, where kids could play with Play-Doh. As Zack said, “It seems small, but it makes a big difference to a child.” 

Thanks to the staff at Arkansas Children’s, Gwen is back to her regular self. She and little sister Emilia enjoy drawing, painting and, yes, playing with Play-Doh.

The doctors, nurses and staff at Arkansas Children’s Hospital are truly exceptional, treating children like Piper and Gwen every day. But they can’t do it alone. ACH is supported by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals which raises funds and awareness for 170 member hospitals that provide 32 million treatments each year to kids across the U.S. and Canada. Walmart and Sam’s Club are proud partners of CMN Hospitals and the work they do. This year, customers can make an online donation or simply round up their walmart.com purchase to the nearest dollar amount, with the difference going to CMN Hospitals. When associates ask customers if they want to donate at the register, they are making a profound impact in the lives of children they may never meet.


Thank you to our Walmart & Sam’s Club associates for all you are doing to make a difference.