Go Ask Your Pharmacist! How One Associate is Demystifying the COVID-19 Vaccine in Her Community
“I’ve made wonderful connections with my patients, and truly feel like I’m making an impact.”

At Sam’s Club 6779 in Moore, Oklahoma, one pharmacist is taking a personal approach to her work – and in the process, protecting her family and her community.


Lauren Boswell is a staff pharmacist who has been a Sam’s associate for five years now. She’s an expert at her craft, and she’s also an expectant mother. Her son is due in October. Last month, she got the COVID-19 vaccine.


For Lauren, pharmacy work is personal. It’s about building relationships and setting examples at the same time.


“I’ve made wonderful connections with my patients, and truly feel like I’m making an impact,” Lauren says. “Community pharmacy is my thing – I’m definitely in the right spot.”


When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, Lauren acknowledges that there are concerns. But she doesn’t necessarily share them, and she believes that she has a chance to help her family, her baby and her community by getting vaccinated, and helping others to do the same.


In deciding whether vaccination was right for her, Lauren said she simply chose to weigh the pros and cons, and ultimately ended up choosing to get vaccinated.


“I ended up getting the Moderna vaccine, which is one of the mRNA vaccines,” Lauren explained. “And though it’s newer to the market, mRNA vaccines have been in the works for years now. When you look at the way it works in the body, it’s going to come in, it’s going to convert to the protein needed to make an immune response and then it’s going to be degraded a couple days later. So it’s not going to stay in the body long, it's not going to affect your DNA, I’m comfortable it’s not going to affect my baby – so I knew that for me, it was going to be the right choice.”


Lauren says that for those who want to learn more about mRNA vaccines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has compiled some great information.


Beyond her belief about the safety of the vaccine, Lauren also says she decided to get it to help her community.


“I am around people every day, giving vaccinations, counseling patients, and I don’t want to get COVID or be hospitalized,” Lauren says. “And so for me, I needed to get the vaccine to protect myself and my family.”


Lauren’s advice for people who are unsure about getting the COVID-19 vaccine is pretty simple: Ask questions. Look at the data. Ask your pharmacist.


“If you work at a Walmart or a Sam’s Club, you have a pharmacy right there,” Lauren says. “Go ask your pharmacist about your concerns!”