The ABC's of Alphabot

How Walmart’s New Tech Will Help Associates

Associates at the Walmart supercenter in Salem, New Hampshire have a new kind of coworker. Its name is Alphabot, and it’s making online grocery pickup and delivery easier for, well, everyone.


The first-of-its-kind system uses autonomous bots to retrieve room temperature, refrigerated and frozen items ordered for online grocery. Then, it delivers the items to associates who bag, check and deliver the final order. OGP associates will still pick out fresh produce by hand. 

Alphabot is a unique system, designed and built exclusively for Walmart. While it’ll unquestionably improve the customer experience, Alphabot will also bring benefits for associates — who should see some of the extra steps taken out of the online grocery pickup and delivery process. 

As Alphabot works to retrieve and deliver certain items for order, it’ll serve as a helping hand for associates in the online grocery pickup and delivery department. By removing some of those extra steps, the system should free OGP associates to do what they do best: interact with our customers.


Ultimately, Alphabot has the capacity to make lives better. It’ll ease the required steps for associates in retrieving, putting together and delivering online grocery orders. And because it’ll improve the overall process, Alphabot will give associates additional time to engage with customers, meaning a greater Walmart experience for anyone picking up their groceries.