Welcome to the Walmart Home Office Academy!

This new Academy will provide all Home Office associates with training and resources in the areas of agile methodology, leadership development and digital transformation.


Consider this your one-stop-shop for an integrated learning experience, promoting a culture of continuous learning linked to career progression and professional aspirations.

Home Office Academy portal

Through different ways of learning – a class-room setting, mobile training, virtual and augmented reality for an immersive experience and reinforcement activities, this will fundamentally change what, how and where we learn. This includes formal, informal and social learning opportunities in the following areas:


  • Agile ways of working and product mindset
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Data fluency
  • Enterprise mindset
  • High-performing teams
  • Innovation


We are building an associate experience that begins at day 1 and will support you throughout your career.


Start your experience today! Learn more on My Learning Portal.

Home Office Academy: Your Key to What's Next