Live Better U is about making education accessible for our more than one million associates. Whether it’s free high school completion, college prep, or earning a degree for as little as $1 a day, we provide tools to help associates go far in their educational journey!

Meet these associates who are big fans of Live Better U:

Janice Kennedy

“When UPS delivered my cap and gown, I broke down and cried like a baby. It's emotional. I hope I don't freeze up on that stage. This has been a long time coming.”


Janice Kennedy has worked at Walmart for 20 years, is currently an associate at Store #2214 in Columbia, South Carolina, is a single mother of five children, and a soon-to-be high school graduate!


Four of her five children are now college graduates, so she figured it was time to put a high school diploma on the wall for herself. She heard about Live Better U, enrolled, and knocked out three years of high school in six months.


“They're even talking about getting me cap-and-gown photos!”

Bob Jenkins

“Having not gotten a college degree earlier in my career, this was a tremendous opportunity to fulfill a lifelong goal.”


Bob Jenkins is the Store Manager at #3817 in Orlando, Florida, and is currently pursuing a degree in business management and leadership.


He’d always wanted to get his education but wasn’t able to make it happen, until he heard about Live Better U. Now he’s ready to finish college and show his family the value of hard work.


“Now, I can show my family – especially my kids and grandkids – that I value education enough to return to it, but mostly, this is an opportunity to grow myself personally and become a better leader within my family, the community and for Walmart.”

Laci Harrington

“If you’ll try, I’ll try too.”


That’s what Laci Harrington, an associate at Store #513 in Big Spring, Texas, said to her son after a massive surgery put him behind in school. She promised she’d work alongside him to get caught up.


She is a mom to seven kids, has an eighth on the way and earned a high school diploma through Live Better U. She completed all of the work on her mobile phone, while also raising twins.


Once baby #8 baby arrives in July, she plans to start pursuing her college degree for as little as $1 a day through Live Better U!

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