Did U Hear? $1 a Day College is Expanding!
The Live Better U benefit gets more degrees and begins to help associates in high school. a
It Starts Here

Live Better U launched a year ago, and associates have been jumping at the opportunity to earn a college degree for $1 a day. Since last year, more than 7,500 Walmart associates from all 50 states have been accepted into at least one of the programs. 


To help prepare more associates for the future, we’re expanding our Live Better U education benefit to include new technology degrees and certificates for $1 a day. And, we’re offering high school students a bridge to their futures, including access to all of Live Better U’s learning programs. 


Additional Technology Degrees and Certificates 

Live Better U is expanding its offering of affordable degrees for associates. An additional 14 technology degrees and certificates — like cyber security, computer science, computer and network security and computing technology — are being added in addition to the business and supply chain degrees currently offered.  


In the coming months, we plan to add even more degrees and certificates in additional fields, so if you don’t see a degree that matches what you’re interested in, stay tuned.


Support for Associates in High School

High school students know that preparing for college can cost extra money. Scores from tests like the ACT and SAT are crucial to getting accepted into college, and preparatory classes for these tests can cost up to $1,000. 


We want to give associates a true head start without having to pay extra money, so we are adding benefits that focus on high schoolers’ needs. 


Along with other eligible Walmart associates, high school students will now have access to: 

  • Free ACT and SAT prep, 
  • Up to seven hours of free college credit through Live Better U’s College Start program, and 
  • A debt-free college degree through Live Better U (upon high school completion) in the in-demand fields of technology, business or supply chain management at six nonprofit universities. 


Live Better U Scholar Awards

We’re also creating the Live Better U Scholar Awards, a graduation bonus program for Walmart U.S. associates who have not previously completed college credits. Up to 5,000 associates each year will be eligible for the Scholar Awards valued at $1,500 each. 


We want to celebrate our associates that are completing college, and this award will be an important head start to many associates’ futures.

Live Better U can be your ticket to a college degree. Visit the My Education page on OneWalmart to learn how to start your journey, or visit the Live Better U web site to sign up today. 

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