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The Tech Behind Online Schooling

As both the world and the workplace change drastically, Walmart is providing you with resources that’ll help you thrive in your career and future. Live Better U, Walmart’s education benefits program offers over 100 programs to boost your skill set in this new environment — all for $1 a day or less! While some schools are scrambling to transfer to virtual learning, the online programs available through Live Better U have been specifically designed to meet the needs of working adults and have years of successful outcomes to show for it.


With online schooling through Live Better U, you can:

  • Connect anywhere
  • Set your own schedule
  • Log in on your time


Whether you’re in the break room at work or chilling on the couch at home, you can complete your schoolwork — no commute, no classroom, and no calendar-juggling necessary. And we’re here to support you, starting with these online school FAQs:


Q: Will I know how to use the online classroom technology?

A: Online learning doesn’t require advanced experience with technology! And you probably already know more than you think — in today’s world, much of what we used to do in person is now online. Have you participated in a birthday video call or helped your children transition to an online school? While it required a bit of learning at first, you were able to grasp it. Going back to school with Live Better U is similar. Plus, you’ll have extra support from the schools in the Live Better U network, including resources like:

  • 24-hour technology help desks
  • Technical support centers
  • Live technology training

Q: Do I need a computer? What else do I need?

A: You will need:

  • Access to a computer or laptop
  • Access to Wi-Fi
  • A couple of hours a week — and with self-paced courses, you pick the hours

Q: How do I go to class online? What does online coursework look like?

A: A huge benefit of online classes is that they’re flexible with your schedule. In most programs, you don’t have to show up for a class at a certain time. When you’re ready to begin, you simply log in and complete your work.


Coursework for online schooling varies based on the institution, but it can consist of video lectures from your instructors, required readings, discussion board posts and responses, online assignments, essays, presentations, group projects and tests.

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