Spotlight on Live Better U Student Harry Weist

Live Better U student Harry Weist

Harry Weist has a lot of good things going for him. He’s engaged, he recently became a father, and he’s working toward earning his degree through Live Better U.


“I left college when the opportunity to work for Walmart came about. It was important to me, on a personal level, to finish my bachelor’s degree,” said Harry, who is currently an assistant manager over operations at Walmart #5179 in Orlando. “The Live Better U Education benefit has allowed me to juggle work, school, and family seamlessly.”


Harry was offered a job with Walmart in December 2017. At the time, he was a full-time student working to earn his RN in nursing. But with finals approaching on the 10th of the month, and Walmart training beginning on the 4th — he had a choice to make. After considering his goals and priorities, Harry accepted the job at Walmart — and completely re-routed his career path.


At the beginning of 2018, not long after starting his new job, Harry’s life took another unexpected turn. “My fiancé found out she had triple negative breast cancer, which is an extremely rare form of breast cancer,” Harry explained. “At the time she was only 28 years old, so that was pretty tough.”


Just two weeks after receiving this devastating diagnosis, Harry and his fiancé, Laura, received some more surprising news — Laura was pregnant. “It was very shocking to have both of those highs and lows come at you at the beginning of the year,” Harry said.


With a new job, an unexpected diagnosis, and a baby on the way, Harry and Laura had a lot to work through. And then, in the fall of 2018, Harry’s manager told him about Walmart’s education benefit, Live Better U, where associates can earn their college degree for just $1 a day — and Harry enrolled. “This degree is something I should've completed a long time ago,” Harry said. “Now with the help of Walmart and Guild Education, my goal will soon become my reality.” 


After realizing nursing wasn’t for him, it wasn’t difficult for Harry to decide what career path he really wanted to pursue. Harry’s father had a career buying for wholesale grocers, and his family had worked in the grocery industry for many years. “It’s strange,” Harry reflected, “but I always knew I’d end up loving a career in that. When this opportunity arose, it took me about two minutes to decide I wanted to pursue marketing.”

"It was important to me, on a personal level, to finish my bachelor’s degree. The Live Better U Education benefit has allowed me to juggle work, school, and family seamlessly.”

With everything going on in his life, it didn’t seem like the most obvious time to go back to school, but Harry knew it would be a great opportunity to build a better life for his new family. “I knew I would have a lot of support from family, friends, and even my colleagues at work, and when the opportunity to go to Live Better U came about, I had to do it,” Harry said. “Not just for the uncertainty factor of the future and having a new family and becoming a first-time father. It was something I wanted to do for myself but also for my family to solidify where I was in life.”


Nearly one year later, Laura is now cancer-free — and Harry, Laura, and their new daughter take things one day at a time. Their secret? Spending time together.


“You have to have that alone time with each other,” Harry said. “Sometimes that can be as simple as when we put our daughter to bed, just lying in bed together, snuggling and talking, just being cute with each other. As weird as that sounds, you have 10 minutes of that, you kind of forget about everything negative that happened that day.”


Harry and his family love their life together. They celebrated their daughter’s first birthday on August 1, and Harry is scheduled to graduate next August. “Getting my degree is going to show my family that hard work does pay off. And it’ll be a great story to tell my daughter — ‘oh man, the first year after you were born, mom and dad had a roller coaster of a time,’” Harry laughed. “In the beginning of 2018 our family was looking at a hard road ahead. The Live Better U Education benefit has meant so much to our family words cannot express.”


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