Spotlight on Live Better U Student Ana Pedro Hipolito

Ana completed her first marathon

A driven student with big dreams, Ana Pedro Hipolito has always been inspired by her father’s courage and perseverance. Ana’s dad grew up in poverty and left home when he was 15 years old to make a living for himself. At age 20, he immigrated to the United States and spent years working hard to care for his family. Even now, Ana’s father leaves for work at 5 a.m. each day and often works late.


Ana wants to show her parents how influential their hard work has been. “I want to be able to have something and give back and make sure their sacrifices were worth it,” she said. “Growing up, my parents both had two jobs and were just trying to make it. Now they're both stable and have investment houses and have been able to make something of their sacrifices. My dad came from nothing to here, and now I want to be able to come from here to something more.”


She's working on her first step toward “something more” — earning her degree. Currently an order filler at DC 6068 in Sanger, TX, Ana is studying business and wants to be an entrepreneur. “I would like to be able to make a product that will help the community and make this place a better place,” she said. “I’d like to be able to invest and give back, and I’d like to have financial freedom.”


Ana and her sister will be the first in their family to earn college degrees — but going to school hasn’t been easy. After paying high tuition fees to attend just one year of college, Ana decided to transfer to a community college to save money. She earned her associate degree, then enrolled in a university to pursue her bachelor’s. With each semester of schooling, Ana worried about whether she would be able to afford to continue her education. She was working at Walmart throughout her time at school, and when the company announced its Live Better U education benefit, Ana applied to the University of Florida. Now, she only pays $1 a day to go to school.


“Every semester I’ve had to think about how I’m going to get to the next semester, but now I don’t have to worry about that,” Ana reflected. “I can just fully focus on doing things I love and fully focus on doing my homework and learning the most I can.”

“I’d like to be able to invest and give back, and I’d like to have financial freedom.”

Not only has Live Better U helped cover Ana’s tuition, but she has also found that taking online classes has opened up a lot more free time than she had when she was attending classes on campus.


“Being accepted into the University of Florida's online business program has enabled me to organize my life to maximize my time,” Ana said. Because she no longer has to be at a physical campus at a specified time to attend classes, Ana is able to do her classwork whenever it is most convenient for her — she even watches her video lectures at double speed.


In fact, with the time she’s saved, she’s adding a few more items to her goal of accomplishing “something more”. “Currently, with online classes, I am in control of my schedule and have been able to pick up activities such as running, learning to play piano, and learning a new language. One of the biggest things that I’ve always wanted to do is run a marathon before I turned 21. I ran my first marathon on February 17 and was prepared due to the long morning runs I now had the time to do.”


Ana is making the most of her time and hopes to graduate with her bachelor’s degree this summer. Inspired by her parents’ example of hard work and persistence, she plans to use the money she has saved through Live Better U to enroll in a master’s program.


“I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to complete my degree online,” she said. “Time is precious to me, and with the University of Florida's online program I can now control my time and life.”


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