Walmart has partnered with Guild Education to offer associates flexible online education options for only $1 per day. If you’ve ever looked at typical tuition costs, you’re probably thinking $1 per day sounds way too good to be true… but there’s no catch! A debt-free degree is possible and within your reach.  Walmart will even reimburse you for your textbooks.


According to USA Today, the average tuition cost of a public college or university in 2018 was $21,370 (and this amount more than doubles for private school tuition). This means that, on average, associates can save over $21,000 per year through Live Better U! In fact, since August 2018, associates have already saved over $17.5 million worth of college credits collectively - an investment Walmart is proud to make in YOU!  

If the cost of college tuition has kept you from finishing or even starting your degree, It doesn’t have to anymore.  Thanks to Live Better U, all it takes is $1/day and your hard work to achieve goals you may have thought impossible.  Don’t just take our word for it - take a look at what some of your fellow associates have to say:

“I stopped going to school in 2011 after my daughter was born. She's now seven, and it seemed like the perfect time to go back. The day before Walmart announced their partnership with Guild, I emailed my college advisor stating I would have to wait before enrolling—my daughter was behind in reading, and I needed the money to pay for a tutor. Walmart made the announcement the next day, and I was overjoyed. Walmart paying for my tuition is a blessing.

— Candice S.
Bachelor of Science in Business Management & Leadership at Bellevue University
“Every year for the last five years I have written out my goals, and going back to school was consistently one of them. Although I had been accepted to university, financing my studies was an issue. When Walmart announced the $1 per day program, that was my sign that it was time to finally pursue my desire to further my education."

— Janine J.,
Bachelor of Science in Business Management & Leadership at Bellevue University
“The only reason I never went to college was because of the amount of money it takes. Getting a bachelor's degree for less than 2 grand? Yes please!"

— Amanda S.,
Associate of Arts in General Education at Brandman University
“I have saved my lunch money since 3rd grade, but with a wife, children, and a mortgage, I did not feel responsible taking out a large loan to finish my bachelor’s degree. Once Walmart came out with Live Better U, I felt I could continue my degree without financially impacting my family."

— Max A.,
Bachelor of Business Administration at Brandman University
“My mom always wanted me to finish my degree. She was a school teacher and always wanted me to find a career that makes me happy. I, unfortunately, did not find that career before she lost her battle with cancer. Finances held me back, but when Walmart offered this opportunity I knew it was my chance.

— Judith A.
Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics Management at Bellevue University

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