New Leadership Certificate to Advance Your Career
Feel like you can achieve more? Learn how MaiKayla Pierson is advancing her career with leadership courses through Live Better U
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Live Better U is excited to announce the launch of our new People & Business Leadership certificate of completion through Bellevue University. In this program, you’ll be able to:

●      Learn valuable leadership skills that can help you transition into a management role.

●      Earn college credits that may apply to a degree program.

●      Complete the program in just 12 weeks.

●      The ONLY tuition costs to you are a $1/day contribution.  Walmart will pay the rest.

●      Classes start on January 13, 2020.

Learn more about the program, and apply today! 

Advance Your Career

When it comes to advancing your career or getting a promotion, doing a good job in your current role is most important, but sometimes it takes something extra to stand out from the competition. Hiring managers often look for associates who inspire their peers, have a growth mindset, and seek out training opportunities.


That’s why Live Better U is now offering the People & Business Leadership certificate of completion through Bellevue University. The 12-week leadership program will teach you valuable management skills to support and lead your team. Earning an education doesn’t guarantee you a promotion, but it’s a great way to show commitment to your career and to pick up new skills along the way.


Take it from Live Better U student MaiKayla Pierson from Supercenter 4497 in Hueytown, Alabama.  Even after nine years at Walmart, MaiKayla knew there was more she could learn and more she could achieve.  So she enrolled in Live Better U, our associate education benefit, to finish her bachelor’s degree.  Now she’s studying leadership at Bellevue University, has an anticipated graduation date, and only pays $1 a day for her coursework. “College is costly, and I didn’t want to choose my career over making ends meet to be able to finish my schooling,” she said. “I made the decision to go back to school when Walmart offered the $1 a day program.”

MaiKayla Pierson, Supercenter 4497

Already, MaiKayla’s experience of going back to school – even just a few courses at a time – has paid off in giving her skills she uses every day and more confidence in dealing with various challenges.  “A lot of the stuff I'm learning, I already use at work,” she said. “I can take work and relate it to my classes and then take my classes and relate it to work. Even my teachers say, ‘It's amazing how much insight you have on this.’ It's because I use what I’m learning every single day.”


MaiKayla was even able to use the skills and lessons she learned from classes to extend a 20-minute interview into over 45 minutes of discussion.  Because she had so much experience and relevant knowledge to pull from, the hiring managers had more questions, saw her passion, and continued the conversation.  She also got the job – way to go MaiKayla!    


Through her online classes, MaiKayla has also connected with associates from other Walmart stores across the country and has had the opportunity to share her own struggles and successes and learn from theirs. “It’s interesting to see other people's opinions throughout the country,” she reflected. “Like, ‘Hey, this is working in my store or this isn't working. So maybe try it this way.’”


With everything going on in MaiKayla’s life, she’s taking things one step at a time. Once she completes her program, she hopes to keep moving into new roles at Walmart. “My goal is just to keep moving up because I'm never content,” she said. “I want to achieve more. It took me a while to get to assistant manager, but I don't see an end in sight.”


Getting a new certificate of completion, starting a degree program, or finishing your degree are all great ways to gain necessary skills and advance your career.  Are you ready to take the next step in your career and education?