Introducing Live Better U's Health and Wellness Programs

Have you been thinking about working in a Walmart pharmacy or vision center? If so, you’re in luck! Live Better U just launched nine new health and wellness programs, so you can get the knowledge and training you need to pursue your career goals.

Along with two diploma programs in pharmacy and optometry, we’re also offering the following bachelor’s degrees in health science, health and wellness, and healthcare management for only $1/day:


●     Wilmington University - Bachelor of Science, Health Science

●     Bellevue University - Bachelor of Science, Health Science

●     Bellevue University - Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Management

●     Purdue University Global - Bachelor of Science, Health and Wellness

●     Purdue University Global - Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Administration

●     Purdue University Global - Bachelor of Science, Health Sciences

●     Southern New Hampshire University - Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Administration


Not sure what career path you want to pursue? No worries! If any of these statements describe you, you may want to consider one of our new health and wellness programs:

You’re interested in wellness. 
If you enjoyed anatomy class in high school, love nutrition and fitness, or are interested in science and medicine, then health and wellness could be the right education track for you.

You enjoy helping people.
Pursuing a degree in health and wellness can put you on a meaningful career path that allows you to use your skills to help people get the care they need.

You’d like a little more green in your paycheck.
Certified pharmacy technicians and opticians have a starting hourly rate of around $13 and licensed opticians start at around $21 an hour — so earning your career diploma in one of these areas could set you up for a larger paycheck. And if you’re already working in these roles, you can still increase your paycheck after getting your certification through one of our existing on-the-clock training programs.

You want to grow your career. 
Walmart and Sam’s Club operate more than 5,000 pharmacies and 3,400 vision centers across the country, and we employ 30,000 pharmacy technicians and 10,000 opticians in our stores. Once you’ve completed a health and wellness program, you could have the opportunity to work in one of these exciting positions.

You’re a lifelong learner. 
At Walmart, we’re working to build a culture of lifelong learning, and we see every job as a pathway to greater opportunity, whether it’s within Walmart, within the retail sector, or in another industry entirely. Wherever you’re at in your career, and wherever you’re going, we encourage you to keep learning and growing.

Interested in earning your diploma or degree in health and wellness? Check out our updated catalog and get started on your application today.