5 Ways to Make the Most of your Family Time This Holiday Season

Do you dread or look forward to the many conversations with friends and family shared around a dinner table, living room, or back porch? The holidays and end-of-year are natural times to reflect, take stock of our current situation, and talk with others about our plans and dreams for the future.


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Regardless of whether going back to school is on your mind, the holidays are a great time to learn from your friends & family.  Let's dive into five interesting and specific ways you can make the most of family time this year through enjoyable, casual conversation about work.

1) Encourage Relatives to Share Career Stories

One of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do is turn the conversation toward work stories. Encourage your relatives to talk about the most interesting or challenging projects they've ever worked on, and get a unique window into a day-in-their-life.


Simply swapping stories around the fireplace is a wonderful way to spend an evening. Everyone will have a great time sharing their best work stories and you will gain a broad yet detailed perspective of career tips and experiences.

2) Share Your Goals with Family

Your family is often the most receptive and honest audience to bounce your ideas off of. Whether you're preparing to ask for a promotion or are thinking about launching a side-project, your “elevator pitch” can get a lot of polish just by talking to your family. Let them help you practice your delivery, hone your ideas, and share their professional opinions.


With loving and supportive family members, you can get a lot of good advice and practice for tough conversations with your managers or potential business partners.

3) Talk Wardrobe With Your Best-Dressed Relative

If you've been looking to update your work wardrobe or put your current closet to better use, why not check-in with your best-dressed relative? Most families have one or two members with a natural flair for business casual and putting a closet through its paces. And spending an afternoon talking, hitting the wardrobe can be great fun if the two of you enjoy the activity together.

4) Gain Some Tech Insights From Your Younger Family Members

Teenagers and young adults today often have a far more in-depth grasp of cutting-edge technology. If you've been feeling like you're behind the curve, compliment your younger family members by genuinely asking for their advice and tech insights. Ask what they think you should know to up your game in today's business world and let them take you on a tour of apps on their phone.

5) Introduce Family Networking

Finally, there's the family network. And no, we don't mean asking your family to connect you with their bosses and friends. Instead, just introduce the idea of keeping an ear out for each other. If they hear of a really good job opening in a family member's line of work, ask them to pass the word on. If they come across a great conference or workshop recommended by people they trust at work, have them send over a link.


Similarly, have you told your family members that Walmart will pay for you and all associates to complete high school, start college, and/or complete a college degree?  All they ask is that associates contribute $1 a day.  Perhaps you’ll be the reason a family member joins Walmart and continues their education!


Family networking in a casual and supportive way can be very powerful, simply broadening the horizons of everyone in the family across multiple industries and experience levels.

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