Over the last two months, you’ve proven yourself as a leader. Through a global pandemic, you have lifted up those around you and shown your capabilities beyond your typical job responsibilities. So what's next?


If it’s taking the next step in your career, Walmart can help. In a world changing around us, your future is more important than ever before.


Through Live Better U, Walmart’s education benefits program, you can go back to school for just $1 a day (or less). Walmart has partnered with Guild Education to bring you a trusted network of accredited institutions made for working adults.


Here’s what makes our schools stand out.

1. Live Better U schools work with your schedule

If you have children in school right now, you are probably already familiar with online learning and how it works. If not, don’t worry — it’s easy to learn.

  • You’re able to log on to your classes at any time and complete them at your own pace, within a specific timeframe.
  • Taking one or two courses at a time can help ensure you are able to find enough study time.
2. Live Better U schools help you advance your career

When we evaluate the quality of a school, we consider whether its programs will help students get to the next step in their careers.

  • The programs we offer align with Walmart’s in-demand jobs.
  • You can take the next step toward that new role or promotion by applying the skills you are learning in school to the job you're already doing.
  • You’ll be set up for success as the future of work evolves in America.
3. Live Better U schools provide a credible education

Sure, there are tons of schools offering online classes for working adults, but your education benefit is different.

  • Every school in our network is an accredited not-for-profit institution — meaning the university is focused on your education instead of its bottom line.
  • You’re sure to find a school that fits your needs in Live Better U’s network, whether you’re interested in attending a selective, top-tier university or a program that is more accepting of a variety of past academic performance.
  • We have a team of Education Coaches who can help you pick the program that is right for you.

We know this can be a difficult process, but we’re here to provide support and guidance. If you’re ready to advance your career, now might be the right time to consider going back to school. Find out more about our schools and get started on your application today.