The 4 C's of Success with Live Better U, Walmart’s $1 / Day College Degree Program

Walmart has partnered with Guild Education to offer eligible associates a choice of flexible, online education programs from top schools and universities through their new education benefit, Live Better U. For the equivalent of just $1 a day (or less!), eligible associates can get their high school diploma or earn a college degree.


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The Four C’s

Your education benefit through Live Better U is best summarized by the four C’s — choice, cost, convenience, and coaching.


When you go back to school with Live Better U, you can choose from a variety of different program options, and enroll at the school that’s right for you. Programs include:


College Degrees: Choose between associate and bachelor’s degrees in technology, business, and operations.

College Prep: Get ready for college with ACT and SAT prep classes, or earn college credits and test the waters with College Start.

Certificates: Earn certificates in technology programs, starting this July.

High School: Work toward your high school diploma one class at a time with Penn Foster. Bonus: you can transfer any previously earned credits.

Languages: Learn select languages with Rosetta Stone.


One of the best parts of Live Better U is that Walmart is covering most (if not all) of the cost of tuition upfront. Seriously. While this may seem too good to be true, we promise that Live Better U is the real deal. If you need some reassurance, feel free to contact a coach at Guild to learn more!


  • College Degrees / Certificates: $1 a Day
  • College Prep / High School / Language: Free


Bonus: Walmart will also reimburse the cost of required books and fees — so hold on to those receipts.


The schools you will pick from were selected because they specialize in serving working adults — these programs were literally built for your busy schedule. Thanks to flexible, online classes, you can learn whenever (and wherever) is best for you.


  • Take as many or as few classes as you want.
  • Pick a program with a class format that works for you.
  • With rolling start dates, you can get started whenever you’re ready.

Receive free education coaching throughout your entire education journey! Whether you need help tracking down your transcripts, choosing a program, or figuring out what’s next — your Guild coach can help out every step of the way.


Note: In order to take advantage of your education benefits, you need to have worked at Walmart for at least 90 days, be a full or part-time associate, have active status, and not be on a leave of absence.

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  1. Head over to
  2. Enter your personal email and phone number
  3. Click “Sign Up with Walmart” - Having trouble? Help reminders below.
  4. Browse the schools and programs
  5. Pick a program and complete the free application!
  6. Need help or have questions? Click, “Contact a Coach” and we’ll get in touch! 



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