5 Interview Tips from a Professional

Share these tips to help your college-aged son or daughter interview for a job at Walmart and hear, “You’re hired!”

In a few seconds, a hiring manager can tell a lot about a person, just by how he or she dresses and acts.


“First impressions matter in any business setting,” says Cornelius R., manager of Store 1206 in Baton Rouge, La.—an 8-minute drive from Louisiana State University. “How you present yourself makes a lasting impact.” Cornelius knows. He’s hired a lot of college students over the years.


Here’s how to coach your child to stand out in a positive way during a job interview:


1. Dress Appropriately

Your clothes should show you take the job seriously, Cornelius says. That means khakis or dress pants, a button-down shirt or polo, or a conservative dress or skirt, with no holes, frays, or stains.


2. Be Confident

Shake hands, make eye contact, smile, and introduce yourself.

“This is a place of business,” Cornelius says, “so you should conduct yourself in a professional manner.”


3. Limit Distractions

Keep smartphones turned off during the interview. 

4. Do Your Research

Cornelius says he’s always impressed when an applicant has taken the time to learn about Walmart.


“It shows me you’re serious about a future here,” says Cornelius. 

5. Ask Questions

It’s great when an applicant asks about opportunities at Walmart. 


“I started out as a dairy stocker 16 years ago,” Cornelius says, “and I enjoy telling young people that they can also have a great career with the company.”