Congratulations to our winners!

Watch the WATS medley featured in the Friday Afternoon Meeting

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2020 Walmart Associate Talent Search (WATS).

What's WATS, you ask? Every year, talented associates from around the world submit auditions and enter the Walmart Associate Talent Search. Winners this year are from around the globe. Let's meet them all now!


Cody Anderson  |  Lewiston, Maine, United States 

Tanu Batra  |  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Iman Brown  |  Waco, Texas, United States

Brenda Gazo  |  Mexico City, Mexico 

Patricia "Refilwe" Motaung  |  Johannesburg, South Africa

Shashwat Sahay  |  Gorgaon, Haryana, India

Gregory Sams  |  St. Johns, Florida, United States

Carla Spinos  |  Santiago, Chile


Please help us congratulate this year’s winners! We'll be chatting with each of them and sharing special performances. Check back every day this week to meet our winners.

If you just can't wait to check out their skills, you can watch their audition videos here!

Iman Brown
Waco, Texas, United States

"It's incredible... there are other doors open and available for associates like myself, can walk through and be blessed. And now that I'm at this point, I feel like the sky is literally the limit."

Carla Spinos
Santiago, Chile

"Working for a company that really respects you, values you — and doesn't have any kind of prejudice towards me as an immigrant — has been fundamental in making me feel at home at work and in the country as a whole."

Shashwat Sahay
Gorgaon, Haryana, India

"The best thing about Walmart are the people that I have been placed with. [They] help me pursue my music, as well as my professional dreams. I definitely see Walmart as a part of my future."

Brenda Gazo
Mexico City, Mexico

"When I was 16 years old... I had leukemia. For me was kind of like a shock because I spent four years at a hospital fighting with cancer, but the music helps me to really go out of this thing, and here I am."

Tanu Batra
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

"For at least three years I backed off fully from drumming because I wanted to pursue my career... but now that I'm part of Walmart, its contests like this have helped each one of us to pursue our talent back again."

Cody Anderson
Lewiston, Maine, United States

"Writing music has always been just a passion... something I've enjoyed doing. It's something that alleviates stress, gets your new thoughts out there in a different form. It's just like, it's a medicine."

Gregory Sams
St. Johns, Florida, United States

“I'm just thankful that Walmart has put together a platform for me to 100% be me and show who I am completely. My name is Gregory Sams, and I work at Walmart.”


Patricia "Refilwe" Motaung
Johannesburg, South Africa

“I actually started singing at a very young age. I used to sing for a church choir and then we would go out, be in competitions with the other churches. And we won a cup. That's when I starting singing solo now.”

What is WATS?