Once in a Lifetime
Dustin Relives His Dream Game with Family and Friends

For a fan, seeing your team win it all is rare, maybe something seen only once in a lifetime. And to be there up close and in person is every sports fan’s dream.


For 22-year Versailles, Missouri, Walmart associate Dustin Pryor and his family, this year’s championship run by their beloved Kansas City Chiefs will always be special. They were able to be in Miami to cheer their team on to victory. Walmart was able to help make Dustin’s dream come true by sending his family with him on the trip.

IT HAPPENED!!! 🥰 Dustin, his dad and brothers cheered his team to victory!! Keep watching for more of Dustin’s trip to Miami ❤️🏈💛

Posted by Walmart World on Sunday, February 2, 2020

But one thing happened no one could expect. The Pryors had an extra family member.


They had an additional “Walmart family” member sharing the experience. Walmart World’s very own videographer extraordinaire Matt Orcutt (a 19-year associate, himself) followed the family on their once-in-a-lifetime journey to document their story and share it with the world.


And, even though Matt is a long-time Patriots fan, he and the Pryors were fast friends.


Dustin and family haven’t seen Matt (or his hair) since they parted ways after the game, so we thought we’d surprise them by inviting Matt to join an in-progress video call with the Pryors. Check out their heart-warming reunion:

It’s great to relive this amazing time with Dustin and his family. If you haven’t seen it, check out Dustin’s story here: