Cathy & Dawn's Special Bond
Dawn needed a Kidney. Cathy donated hers.

Cathy Green and Dawn Kurtz have a special bond. They’ve worked together in the Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, Supercenter, Store 6716, together for around seven years, but a chance conversation in the breakroom would change their relationship forever.


Dawn mentioned to Cathy that she was living with a kidney disease that was causing her to go on dialysis. Eventually, she would need a kidney donor to survive.


Cathy didn’t blink. She offered her kidney to Dawn on the spot.

“I just said, ‘Well, I’ll donate a kidney,’” Cathy remembers.


“She offered, I mean no hesitation, offered to give me a kidney,” Dawn said.


Donating a kidney is a complicated process with multiple tests, but luckily, Cathy was a match.


Dawn and Cathy both grew up with only brothers, but now they’re sisters with a special connection to each other that can never be taken away.


Watch as Cathy, Dawn and some of their co-workers share their story: