4 Million Miles
Associates Week Celebrates Safe Driving

Our drivers are at the heart of our supply chain, and they’re good at their jobs. So good, in fact, that this associates week, we’ve focused on a few drivers who have hit a major milestone: 4 million safe miles.

It takes a long time, and a lot of skill, to get that far safely. For Associates Week, our drivers shared tips and tricks for staying safe on the road, and talked about what driving for Walmart has meant for them. 


Here I Am


Terry Nahri is one of our 4-million-miles safe drivers. He’s been an associate now for nearly 31 years, and says going to work is easy when you love what you do. 


“I just enjoy driving,” Terry said. “It’s great to be out on the road, and working for Walmart lets you meet so many great people!”


4-million-mile safe driver Marshall King has seen some changes on the road in his 29 years with Walmart. But, he assures us, safety is attainable. His advice? Pay attention. 

"When you get behind the wheel, whether you’re a truck driver or a regular motorist, you have to pay attention 100 percent,Marshall said. “Truck drivers are just out there trying to do our jobs, and we all need to be cautious and courteous towards one another!

James Luckett, a 33-year associate with over 4-million safe miles, believes that positivity and safety both play a role on the road.


“A positive attitude plays a part in everything,” James said. “On the road you just have to stay calm, think hard about what you’re doing – and that’ll get you down the road safe.” 


Ken Jones has been a Walmart associate for 35 years. He says his time with the company has allowed him to meet some wonderful people, and has also ushered in an even greater focus on the importance of staying safe on the road.


“I really like the job, and I love getting to meet other associates,” Ken said. “Over time, the technology has improved and we have plenty of safety classes that keep us updated as laws and techniques change.”


But according to Ken, the most important aspect of his job is looking out for others on the road.


You don’t want to be the reason someone doesn’t get home to their family,” Ken said. “Everyone has someplace to be – and you’ve gotta be diligent and thoughtful to ensure they get there safely.”


On the Road Again


We’ve talked a lot about 4-million safe miles. That’s a ton. But big numbers are hard to conceptualize, and the question remains: Just how many safe miles is it, really?


We did the work, and found out for you.

  1. 4 million miles is about 7 billion shopping carts placed end to end.

  2. 4 million miles could get you to the moon and back – around eight times.

  3. You could drive the U.S. coast-to-coast about 1,600 times.

  4. If our drivers could drive the circumference of the earth on the equator, without sinking in the ocean, they could’ve circled the world about 161 times.

  5. Our drivers have safely covered the equivalent of 70 million football fields – without ever being tackled. 

There I Am, Up On the Stage


Though we couldn’t have our drivers visit Bentonville to thank them in person, we’re proud of their commitment to safety. Thank you, drivers, for moving our business forward with an eye toward safety.