Earn a College Degree for a Dollar a Day
Earn a College Degree for a Dollar a Day

You can visit the Education & Careers page to learn more about the partnership between Guild Education & Walmart.


Carl Beckman, a store planning project manager in Michigan, is going back to college. What’s different this time around? He has the support of a new program backed by Walmart that will make it easier for him to work full time and be successful in school.


“I’d tried to go back about a year ago, but the program I was following just wasn’t easy for someone working full time,” Carl said. “With this new program, the beginning process was pretty straightforward. My advisor has helped me every step of the way, so I knew what I needed to do and how to do it. I felt very supported.”


The program is a partnership between Walmart and Guild Education that prepares you to advance in the jobs of today – and the future. These new benefits include college credit for Walmart Academy training and options for you to earn a college degree without incurring student loan debt.


Watch the video below to hear Rachel Carlson, CEO and co-founder of Guild Education, explain to Bo with Walmart Radio the benefits of this great new program.

A high-quality education for less than a cup of coffee

Just a $1 a day. That’s all you have to contribute to earn a college degree. After that, Walmart takes care of tuition, books and fees. That also means there’s no need for a student loan – wiping out the thousands of dollars of debt associated with other degree options. What’s even better: You can earn college credit for paid training at Walmart Academies, saving you substantial time and money.

“I love that Guild gives you options. I was able to choose a school and a degree that matched my goals.” - Carrie Smith, Department Manager

Relevant skills for today and beyond

Walmart collaborated with University of FloridaBrandman University and Bellevue University – all chosen for their focus on serving working adult learners – to tailor the curriculum to relevant skills for jobs and advancement across retail and other industries.


Choices and access

Working with three universities gives you more options and greater access to a degree. The goal is for everyone who applies for admission to be accepted to one of these schools. In addition, the universities are dedicated to high graduation rates for their students.


“I love that Guild gives you options,” Carrie Smith, a department manager in Indiana, said. “I was able to choose a school and a degree that matched my goals.”


Supported from day one

You have access to Guild education coaches who are available to help you with everything from selecting the right degree and getting credit for prior college and work experience to academic counseling.


“My advisor contacted me pretty quickly after I applied,” Carrie said. “From day one, they’ve helped me through the process and answered all my questions. She’s even a great person to vent to when things get a little tough.”


Expanded education and skill-gaining opportunities

The benefits go beyond college degrees. Whether you’re just starting out or working toward executive level, Walmart will offer job-related skills training to aid in career advancement. High school diplomas and GEDs are covered for you and eligible family members. This new program opens access to tuition discounts, financial aid assistance and education coaching across a network of more than 80 accredited, nonprofit university partners. You will also have access to professional development courses including college prep, leadership training and English as a second language.


“I really wanted to stay at Walmart, but make the move into IT,” said Randy Gast, a courtesy desk associate in Michigan. “Now, I’m working toward a master’s degree in information systems. I was surprised, but very pleased, that there was a discount for a master’s.”

What education benefits are available to associates?
  • $1-per-day college prep, associate, and bachelor’s degrees in business and supply chain management from the University of Florida, Brandman University and Bellevue University 
  • College credit for Academy training
  • Associates and eligible family members will continue to have access to free high school and GED completion programs, and discounts for non-business and supply chain degrees
Is the $1/day offer good for any degree?

No. The $1/day benefit is currently applied only to business and supply chain management degrees through University of Florida, Bellevue University, and Brandman University.


We are exploring additional certificates or degrees to add to the $1/day program in the future.

What benefits are available for associates who want to pursue a different degree?

Tuition discounts for non-business and supply chain degrees are available at all universities within the Guild partnership.

Are the degrees all online or will there be any learning available in person?

These degrees are primarily offered online. These schools do have physical campuses and offer options to participate in on-campus learning, if it fits your needs.

Which associates are eligible for these benefits?

At this time, the expanded education offering is available to associates in the Walmart U.S. and Sam’s Club segments who have been with the company at least 90 days. 


We are exploring the possibility of making it available to other U.S.-based associates (e.g., eCommerce) in the future.

How will associates pay for this degree?

Associates will contribute the equivalent of $1 per day toward their education while enrolled in the program. 


Walmart will cover all fees and remaining tuition after the $1/day and any financial aid is applied. 


Associates will receive reimbursement toward the cost of books and required course supplies. Computers and software are not currently covered though we are exploring options for associates.

How does credit for Academies training work?

College credit is based off which Academies training the associate has completed. 


The amount of credit for Academy training may vary at different institutions. A Guild coach will help associates navigate their credit-for-training options.

Is the credit for Academy training only good for the specific $1 a day degrees?

Walmart associates can apply the college credit they earn through Academy training to a variety of degree options, extending beyond the $1/day programs.

How do associates sign up?

Walmart associates can register for an advising session through the Education & Careers section of WalmartOne or through guildeducation.com/walmart.

What will happen if I am currently enrolled in APU?

We will phase out our APU partnership over the next year and fully transition to this new program. Any associate currently in APU will continue to be supported by the company in the same way. 


If you would like to see how your credits could transfer from APU, a Guild coach will help you understand how to transfer credits.

What if I already have college credit, but never finished my degree?

A Guild coach will work with associates and the eligible universities to determine which transfer credits are eligible for the $1/day program.

What do associates who don’t have computers need to do to complete online courses?

We are identifying options to help remove this barrier. We hope to have a solution to announce by the time associates begin enrolling in this program in August.