BYOD AT&T Discount
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What are the terms for this plan?

Depending on your plan, apply 80% discount to either:

  • Share Data Bucket (Mobile Share Advantage or Mobile Share Value)
  • Primary Voice Plan and some individual data plans, depending on whether they are discount eligible. (Unity, Unlimited Voice and Senior 200 plans are ineligible.)

    NOTE: The AT&T Unlimited Choice and Unlimited Plus plans do not qualify for this 80% discount offering.

Adding a Line:

  • Smartphones (NEXT, Purchased at full Retail, or Out of Contract Device)$20/month per line
  • Activation Fees: Due to the aggressive nature of this offer, activation and upgrade fees (currently $45) do apply.
  • Due to pro-rated and any applicable one time charges, it may take until your second cycle for the bill to show 'cleanly.'
How do I get this AT&T Discount applied?

New AT&T Customers who are activating service: 

  • Click the "Register Here" button above and select "Shop New AT&T Devices or Plans".

Existing AT&T Customers:

  • Click the "Register Here" button above and select "Keep AT&T Devices and Plans".


How do I maintain the discount?
  • You must be an active, exempt salaried Walmart associate.
  • You must be actively using AirWatch on an employee-owned AT&T device (BYOD).
  • Your device with AirWatch installed must have active AT&T service – Wifi only devices do not qualify
  • The Walmart associate that is enrolled in BYOD must be the Primary name on their AT&T wireless account
  • Using the AT&T Unlimited plans or combining your wireless bill with other AT&T Products (example: DirecTV) will cause the discount to be removed.

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