Customer Sentiment Dashboard

A Walmart solution rooted in ‘Customer - Always No. 1’ philosophy 

If you don’t listen to your customer

someone else will.

| Sam Walton

More customers

are reading online

reviews than ever


Walmart solution

At Walmart, we persistently collect massive volumes of customer feedback through different channels, including social media. The real-time insights are a goldmine for our business and help us analyze sentiments from the Walmart customer base once we identify and classify them. 

To simplify this gigantic amount of data, we created a solution. Developed over a span of 12 months, Customer Sentiment Dashboard is an intuitive visualization tool that filters information related to online customer feedback in a streamlined manner. 

Using the feature-rich interface of the dashboard,

we derived meaningful insights from unstructured data on two major occasions.

Captured real-time feedback shared by customers on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic on product availability in stores/clubs and shopping experience at store.

Captured customers’ feedback on major Holiday events, especially on the Walmart + membership plan.

Customer Sentiment Dashboard

Customer Sentiment Dashboard made it possible to retrieve untagged tweets along with the nearest Walmart store location, based on the mention’s latitude & longitude.

Tech stacks and key features

Tangible benefits

Walmart has always thrived on a customer-first approach. With our customers

dispersed across geographies, the tool aptly gauges customer sentiments

and helps us enhance our services.

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