From a single store to the world’s largest retailer

Helping people Save Money and Live Better

From the very first Walmart store in 1962, Sam Walton set out with a promise to offer surrounding communities the lowest prices, every day, on everything. This novel philosophy has stood the test of time and transformed our mission of helping people live better by saving them money.

Shop anytime, anywhere

From supercenters and traditional neighbourhood markets, to eCommerce, mobile apps and exclusive member clubs, Walmart brings convenient shopping wherever you are.

Take a look at our various forays into global omnichannel retail.

Walmart U.S. Stores and eCommerce

Walmart International

SAM’s Club

Store Nº8

Nurturing ideas that can transform retail

Store Nº8 is the incubation arm of Walmart. Formed in 2017 as part of Walmart’s focus to shape the future of retail, the team’s ultimate goals are to fuel the core business, create new operational efficiencies and unlock amazing experiences for our customers in the future.

Fueling growth with technology
Equipped with future-ready ideas and powered by advanced technologies, we, at Walmart Global Tech India, are crafting the next big retail innovations for Walmart across the globe. We’re bringing Walmart one step closer t
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