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Supply Chain

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Supply chain is the process of transporting a commercial product from its point of origin to its end customers.

It is a network of people, organizations, resources, activities, and technology involved in delivering a product to a client.

Warehousing is a crucial component of a supply chain since newly manufactured items are carried from there to the user’s doorstep.

Types of Warehouses:
  • Manufacturing Warehouse – this is where the product is manufactured 
  • Storage Warehouse – this is where the manufactured/procured items are stored
  • Distribution Warehouse – this is the location from where the stored goods are distributed
  • Stores – these are the last-mile retail stores situated closer to a customer’s location
Transportation Process:
  • From suppliers and manufacturing plants to storage warehouses
  • Storage to distribution centers
  • Distribution centers to stores
  • Stores to homes
  • Reverse logistics - this is meant to get the items back to the warehouse in case there is an issue with them
Yard Management Applications:
  • This application manages movement of all trailers inside Walmart warehouses and store premises 
Trailer Management System:
  • This application is used to manage all the trailers carrying Walmart goods between distribution centers, fulfillment centers, and stores
  • Provide smart solutions for Walmart to optimize its supply chain and enhance the visibility of products across the supply chain
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