Basic Properties


Overnight Manager

The Overnight Manager will make the transition to days and will work either the opening or closing shift. Overnight associates will continue to report up through the Overnight Lead and Overnight Manager, so it is important they work both opening and closing shifts to manage the team’s performance. The Overnight Manager should work opposite of the Overnight Lead which will allow for consistency with the stocking process. Large volume clubs with two Overnight Managers should schedule the managers to work separate shifts: one morning and one evening. The manager with the most tenure should be allowed preference of which shift to take. Alternatively, managers could alternate with one working 2-3 morning shifts and then in between days off work a closing shift.

Overnight Lead

The Overnight Lead will make the transition to days and should work the shift opposite of the Overnight Manager. This will allow for consistency with the stocking process in the club.

Overnight Receiving Dock Associate and Overnight Forklift Drivers

Associates in this job function will be moved into a morning or evening shift to support both stocking and tasks in the Backroom. The Overnight Receiving Dock Associate will help with receiving trucks, running the dock and helping stock. The Overnight Forklift Driver will drop merchandise and help stock.