We're leading the way with eSELs in our Stevenage Tech Store

Our Stevenage Tech Store is leading the way in Electronic Shelf Edge Labels – eSELs for short – here to make our colleagues’ jobs simpler and help us be more sustainable!


Even though the technology has been around for 30 years, it’s never taken off, but that’s all about to change after trials in our Tech Store showed just how much difference eSELs and electronic POS can make.


We first started testing eSELs at our Stevenage store in October 2020, where we’re currently using 25,000 eSELs. We’ll be rolling out the technology to our Monks Cross store in York before the end of the year too.


Doing our bit for sustainability and the planet, since launch we’ve saved an estimated 66,000 sheets of A4 paper.


Electronic labels can also play their part in our effort to make shopping more accessible for everyone, as the labels themselves are clearer and easier to read, as well as having the option to include a QR code, so customers can scan the eSEL and get more information on the product.


For our colleagues, eSELs make price changes and shouting value a breeze! All of the information is updated centrally and the text on the label switches within around 30 seconds.


And we’re trialling the use of eSELs to speed up the process of picking for home shopping orders. The labels have the capacity to use LEDs and wayfinding technology to help colleagues locate items faster and easier.


Innovation is nothing new to us, it’s in our DNA and the team at Stevenage are helping us to make changes at pace and see the benefits of how technology works together. It’s a great opportunity to test new tools, experiences and technology that will make our colleagues lives easier and enhance the shopping experience for our customers.


Want to find out more? Check out the Tech Store page on OneAsda and follow us on Instagram – asda.innovation.store.